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43% of all Ecommerce business comes from organic Google results.


Bottom-Line, Measurable Results

Ecommerce is blooming exponentially and getting an ever more important part in moment’s retail assiduity. SEO Services can also help you in getting identified both by search engines and users and can also be an important factor in determining the position of your website. Ecommerce SEO services can increase your business and request share (if done rightly.)


Worldwide ecommerce deals have further than doubled since 2013 and are projected to reach4.98 trillion US bones by 2021.

Growing Deals are great for online businesses, but it also means that competition is continually adding in the battle for organic search engine click share. Also calculating the web standards of your website is of great importance. Unfortunately for ecommerce businesses, it’s getting more and more grueling to stand out — and for guests to find you online.

At Relevant Search Media, we complete a series of veritably thorough contender analyses to find who your online competition is, what they’re doing well, and where they’re falling short. From there, we’ll create a custom ecommerce SEO strategy to beat them. We also see that users who are directed towards your website through any source come with high expectations and they hope that their expectations will be fulfilled. 

Building SEO strategies is not a child’s play. Customers are the first priority for any business and when it comes to online business, they are deciding the important factor in defining the success of the business. With our service and experience in delivering world class digital marketing services, the guesswork of ecommerce SEO is removed and your search engine optimization strategy will thrive so you can concentrate on your core business.


Ecommerce websites are notoriously big which can be a challenge to those with lower specialized ecommerce SEO experience. This is where our custom ecommerce SEO service stands above the rest. Also, this is the point where the utility of an E-Commerce SEO company comes. Optimizing your ecommerce point at scale will help you by”:-

  • Adding targeted keyword rankings.
  • Driving applicable organic users to your point.
  • Growing your overall deals and profit.


Custom eCommerce SEO strategies are complex because of the sheer scale of the point — as hundreds of pages need to be optimized. This creates an inversely important need for prioritization. Which page will you optimize first your product pages, or the homepage? Which of your product pages do you optimize first? As this is very important so we know how to build up the strategy to increase the number of relevant visitors on your business. So smart decisions to nurture your business require lots of experience. 

That’s why it makes sense to turn to an expert ecommerce SEO company like Relevant Search Media ® who’ll help in increasing your search engine optimization efforts the right way. We know and execute the proper ecommerce SEO ways to help you optimize the right runners at the right time that energy profit and growth. We have the right knowledge and vast experience which is necessary to make correct decisions for your website that result in increasing your ranking and visibility in search engines thus allowing us to handle your unique work, ranking situations and expectations.


Ecommerce SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process of making your website visible on search engine result pages
(like your business page, product page and so on) and are easier for visitors to find your business. Obviously a well ranked page will receive more traffic and for that you need to make sure that your website is well optimized for search engines. There are number of ways by which you can achieve this, including:


Keyword exploration to find out what your implicit guests are searching for and what keywords will drive the most clicks and transformations. The main target of any business online is to be noticed or viewed online, but this has become quite difficult because of the increase in competition. Keyword research plays an important part in SEO so this will determine whether or not it’s worth pursuing a specific topic.

One of the biggest benefits of keyword exploration is your capability to target an followership that authentically cares about what you have to say. When you probe keywords, you are looking for words and expressions that consumers are searching regularly, which means when your website pops up for one of those quests, that consumer is formerly interested in what you have to say. It makes sure the right people are coming to your point. And when you have the right people coming to your point, who legitimately need your services, that means further transformations.


If you skip the early keyword research and mapping process, you’ll be roaming in the dark when it comes to creating content and showing up on search engine result pages.

Keyword mapping is the process of assigning relevant keywords to the different pages on a website based on keyword research. Taking our approved list of high targeted keywords and mapping them to the most applicable runners to maximize the capability to rank thus will give you an estimation of the average monthly searches a particular keyword gets.


Having a clean, error free, point is vital for ecommerce SEO. For illustration, optimizing the law of your point to increase point speed and bottleneck- capability of the hunt machine bots.


Through effective outreach sweats, specific runner targeting, and eventually high- quality link accession, we will make sure your brand and website are trusted further than your challengers.


URL structure, faceted navigation, static clean URLs are optimal stoner experience and for search engines. Numerous ecommerce websites miss out on huge openings because their point is structured inadequately. It is important to shape your website properly. When your audience visits your website, it gives them their first impression of your business and will judge your business within seconds. So, built a long lasting impact on your audience. 


Unique on- runner service copy and custom meta data for product and order runners is a must-have. Strategic blog posts and FAQs that will drive top of the channel callers. Let us help!



SEO has helped level the playing field kindly in respects to reaching guests. While a big brand clearly has a head start, there’s nothing to stop a well-optimized website possessed by a small business from taking the top spots on Google and the organic business that comes with it.

But numerous websites aren’t naturally optimized for SEO and are suffering because of it. However, you’ll be crushed by the big brands, If you’re a small to medium size business and aren’t fastening on optimizing your website and erecting your brand trust through ecommerce SEO. 

If your website has no proper shape, no proper description or no proper category then it is somehow difficult for search engine to let you know about the most important pages on your website. 


In numerous cases, you may be contending with several other spots for the same or analogous products. However, it’s essential to show Google that your point is the most applicable by including plenitude of optimized content on your order runners and in your product descriptions, if this is the case.

The top spot on Google takes around a third of the total business share, and this number drops the further you get down the page. However, the organic business you get from search engines will be minimum, if you’re not on the first page of results.

Indeed if you only move up a many places on the first page in the search engine results page (SERP), it’s worth it. Small earnings can dramatically ameliorate your clicks, conversion, and deals.


We create lasting relationships. Partners, not clients.


Our ecommerce SEO strategy has one main thing get further guests to your brand’s website so you can induce further profit and make further deals.

The thing may sound simple, but being successful with SEO in the Ecommerce space is no easy feat. The rules of the game are constantly changing, and you need to always be on top of your game in the face of growing competition.

SEO will give the biggest return on investment for your marketing budget when compared to other forms of traditional or online advertising. Hiring an E-commerce SEO company will be the most profitable and advantageous thing for the success of your business website. At Relevant Search Media, we can help you vend your business so that you gain the visibility and rankings you need to succeed in moment’s competitive ecommerce geography. Owner will only concentrate on his business while we will shape your business, implement strategy to increase number of unique visitors towards your website.

Our ecommerce SEO experts will make advancements to your point exercising the A.R.T. of SEO.

Want to Know More About Exactly What Our Ecommerce SEO Company Does to Make these Improvements? Keep Reading!


Ecommerce SEO requires you to make your brand and concentrate on your products. Keyword exploration is the first step to establishing a foundation that leads to success.

For your website to appear in the top results for client quests, you need to know exactly what your guests are searching for, what their intent is, and where the competition heaps up. It’s also important to understand the difference between an instructional keyword versus a international keyword.

By reviewing the keywords that guests search for and your challengers rank for, you’ll be suitable to place yourself so that your website converts and drives further deals. Relevant Search Media can help you find more ranking openings and fine- tune your ecommerce SEO strategy.


Still, you won’t get any business, If you’re trying to rank for terms that nothing searches for. Again, if you’re trying to rank for veritably competitive terms, it’ll take a lot of time and trouble before you can start to see any success.


Keyword strategies are important in creating winning search engine marketing campaigns. Keyword strategy should include choosing high-performing keywords that drive heavy relevant traffic to your business. Our keyword exploration strategy involves an ecommerce SEO inspection and expansive exploration to identify target keyword groups. Within each group, we assign one “jewel” keyword and several affiliated long- tail keywords. Choosing the right keyword for your business can make great effect in your campaigns, determining how well your advertisements rank on Google and other search engine platforms.


By targeting several long- tail keywords, we increase the number of ways for quest to find your point and make it easier to rank for further competitive keywords in the long term. Also it helps to rank your web pages on SERPs to ensure you can gain long-term results and stay ahead of competitors. It also has a higher conversion value as they are more specific. 


Once keyword exploration is completed and approved. The keywords are also counterplotted to a single runner on your website. We also use this keyword mapping to guide our SEO optimizations and measure progress over time.


Keyword exploration and SEO is an ongoing process. Search trends change constantly, and Google usually updates their algorithms on a regular base. You need to constantly review and modernize your point if you want to stay on top.


An ecommerce SEO specialized inspection is an effective way to find your standard and discover new openings. Our custom specialized inspection helps identify keywords that you’re ranking for, find other keywords you should be targeting, and estimate how well your point is optimized.


After completing keyword research, we’ll start working on analyzing every page of your site — starting with the most important pages.


It’s important to make your website from the ground up with SEO in mind. Beforehand optimization can drastically increase long- term business and profit.

The risk is less when you hire professionals for your company because they never fail to analyze your business and others who are competing with you in your business segment. When you hire an professional E-Commerce SEO company, you don’t have to worry about anything or any sort of failures.

Structuring your point may feel like a simple process, but making it easy for Google to bottleneck is a lot of work. Every runner should be accessible in just a many clicks. This shows that your point is stoner-friendly (and thus deserves a high position in the hunt affect runners), and also ensures that your order and product runners are listed duly.

Numerous websites are “flat,” meaning their structure lives all under the root sphere. This can beget numerous issues; one being it does not pass authority down to their product runners duly. It can also beget confusion Google won’t know which of your runners are loftiest precedence. When everything looks like it’s important, also nothing is important.


One of Relevant Search Media’s first priority is to insure our mates have a website that’s well structured and well organized for SEO. Indeed if that means we’ve to make a new, mobile-optimized, responsive website to insure you don’t lose any callers through poor stoner experience.

A Google-optimized website includes applicable keywords in title markers, meta descriptions, heading markers, and alt descriptions.

Using proper schema luxury and structured data is also vital for ecommerce websites. This enables you to show information similar as product conditions directly in your Google hunt rosters.

Also, on top of everything we do to optimize the technology of your website, we’ll take way to increase your point speed as well. Point speed affects stoner experience and can impact rankings, so it’s important not to overlook this factor.

Our search visibility score on Moz has more than doubled in the past four months of working with Relevant Search Media.



Once your point is well- erected, we’ll focus on creating high- quality content for your point — especially product and order runners. It is very important aspect of your ranking strategy. Simply, to rank content is necessary so, If there is no content, then there is nothing to rank.

Content can help educate your audience, ensuring that they’re making wise decisions while purchasing. Strong pieces of content will surely benefit you and can also help you become more visible online, both on search engines and in social media.

28 of consumer’s exploration products online with a hunt machine, and you can capture these druggies who are ready to buy by following ecommerce SEO content stylish practices.
That means that a well- planned content strategy is one of the most important aspects of the overall SEO process for ecommerce businesses. Ideally, content should be optimized for search engines as well as humans.


On- runner content optimization can increase the SEO applicability of your product runners and help you move to the top of the search results. In other words, adding high- quality content will bring further guests to your point.

The correct utilization of your current content can generate more organic traffic to improve the overall user experience. Also, it creates brand awareness. 

Your product descriptions are also an important part of ecommerce SEO content, and we’ll work on perfecting these by making sure they contain the keywords linked in our exploration.

Chancing openings to post to a blog or update product runners grounded on keyword exploration can help creating happy silos that will drive results. We help you to produce the SEO optimized content yourself, or may indeed write it for you to insure you’re set up for success.


Optimizing your website body and content for SEO is an important part of the process, but it’ll only get you so far. Your business brand and website need to be trusted. That’s where we can help.


Links are still the most important ranking factor according to Google, and this is doubtful to change anytime soon. Each link acts as a “recommendation” from the point that’s linking to your website. The further high- quality applicable links you have, the better. Links also provide your site with credibility. Links are very important to Google – in fact it’s almost impossible for Google to rank your site if you have no links to it. Relevant Search Media has erected innumerous strategic connections so that we can acquire the most applicable links for you.


Volume of links is isn’t everything. Link accession has earned a bad character from the days when you could get to the top of Google by transferring a many thousand low- quality links to your point. That strategy no longer works and you’ll be punished. Attaining a many high- quality links will be more effective than lots of low- quality links. We concentrate our link accession sweats on carrying links from high- authority and applicable spots. So producing high quality link seems to be a good idea. 


Rather than trying to produce lots of links from low- quality sources (similar as spammy directories and blog commentary), our link accession strategy focuses on outreach. This strategy is largely successful in generating high quality, long- term links in a natural pattern that won’t be affected by algorithm changes or homemade penalties. That means your website and brand will be trusted for times to come.

Ecommerce SEO
Frequently Asked Questions

Linkedln advertising helps you to connect with more than 18 million professionals across the globe which is just similar to Facebook advertising or any other advertising platforms. Benefit of this advertising includes various features like targeting, ad types, budget and more. Linkedln ads also work on bidding system which enables you to place your bid through 6 different bid types.  

PPC advertising drives results immediately in many cases. You’ll reach tons of thousands of people instantly – likely people who are searching for your services or products. Paid hunt advertising (PPC) will increase business to your point if you have the budget for it. Still, it’s stylish to pursue an SEO crusade at the same time.
You can suppose of the two as the difference between renting and retaining a home. With SEO, you’re making small yearly investments over time until you gradationally start ranking for keywords and organic business. You also “own” this business. 

PPC advertising quickly gains traffic for your site as a whole. Paid ads do not give direct high ranking, but they do increase the number of total clicks your website gets. Hence, this increase in user activity on your site which can contribute to higher organic rankings.

PPC is more like renting – you get the business you want in the short term, but as soon as you stop paying for it, it’ll vanish.
PPC and SEO juggernauts can work well together, but SEO is nearly always better value for plutocrat and is a less parlous strategy.

The sad verity is that you can snappily burn through your entire marketing budget on paid advertising juggernauts with veritably little to show for it at the end of the day.

To echo Moz, URLs should be simple and contain applicable keywords rather than ID figures and canons.
Numerous ecommerce spots use parameters in URLs to induce dynamic content, but this can also beget indistinguishable content, which you should avoid it if possible.

A URL using descriptive keywords isn’t only easier for the stoner to read and remember; this also improves applicability for hunt machines and can help to increase your rankings.
Organizing your products into clear orders that aren’t too deeply nested will also help your URLs to be short and contain applicable keywords.

A long URL with multiple nested orders can be out- putting to druggies and may give a false print of the depth of your point to search machines.

Still, the number of options when it comes to ecommerce platforms can be relatively inviting, If you’re erecting a new point.
Anyhow of what result you pick, SEO optimization in your shopping wain software is always a must-have.

This means icing that it produces optimized URLs, doesn’t produce indistinguishable content runners, and allows you to edit the title, Meta markers, and other optimization rudiments.
WooCommerce is a popular choice for WordPress druggies and integrates well with SEO plugins designed to optimize your whole point.

Hosted platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce also perform well, but you’ll be limited to the capabilities of the software. You won’t be suitable to use them with other plugins and extensions to make on functionality in the future.

If you’re looking for a way to drive more visitors via search, schema markup can help your website get more clicks from visibility. Also, helps search engines better understand your content so that they can return more detailed and informative results for searchers.

Structured data (Schema) is very necessary, especially if you have an ecommerce site.
This type of markup helps search engines to understand your site and can make a big difference in the rankings.

It means that Google will know your product pages are definitively about products. This lets the search engine return them to users looking for specific products rather than general information.

Adding markup to your site helps in improving your search engine listings by displaying “rich snippets” below the page title. This can include features like ratings, which can help to improve click-through rates and conversions.

Numerous product runners are lacking in content, so a good launch is to add longer descriptions to your product runners and make sure they’re optimized and include applicable keywords.
Your product descriptions should be unique to avoid indistinguishable content as this can impact negatively on your rankings. It will provide features and benefits of the product which will influence a potential customer to purchase your goods or service. 

Also, use rich particles to include product information similar as price, standing, and vacuity so that hunt machines can understand further about your products.
You should also make sure your point is structured well and sends equity from other runners of your point to the product runners by exercising internal linking.

Every campaign is unique and different, which is why we offer a free analysis to help get you started. Get yours now!

We have made a promise to ourselves and our partners that we will never bring on a new partner client unless we KNOW we can generate a ROI.