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Local SEO helps you to gain local enquiries.

What is the need of Local SEO?​

That is the question every company should ask itself and the answer will be, if you want to increase your business presence locally, you need the local search engine optimization. This service enables you to tap on those customers who are looking to avail services from local vendors and service providers. Local search engine optimization enables your company to grow within the 20 to 30 miles radius and tap on your area, you can add your business name, Address, phone number, timings, logos, etc. The best part is, your happy customers can go there and post positive reviews about you and Google also gives you star rating depending on the reviews. So, the bottom line is Local search engine optimization is very important.

Local SEO Services

Here is the fun part, more than 50% customers go with the local organic results that see on page one, because that is what they see when they punch in the keyword related to their query. You need to have local search engine optimization if you need to gain more business locally.

Our Local SEO Tactics

Results Relevant to your Business

The primary objective of doing Local business SEO is to get more customers on your website so you can get more sales and eventually more business.

Lets look at how its done.

How would you improve your site's position? And further develop your pages importance and furthermore enhance your innovation stack? Peruse on to dive more deeply into how our neighborhood SEO administrations assist you with arriving at these objectives.

Technical aspect of the Local Business SEO

One of the most UN-comprehended variables of Local SEO is innovation. While different angles are additionally imperative, if a site isn’t structed well, and doesn’t have specific viewpoints included, it will battle to work on in search rankings.

Local Business Schema

SEO is ever updating, Google launches some or the other updates every now and then and ranking the website based on, which site the users find most valuable. Whenever you search something on Google, it provides you the specific result based on your query and you see the Local listing results with the reviews, time, ratings, etc.

Schema plays a very important role in this, it is basically describes your product, service, timings and other important information about your business. Its very important to have correct business schema on the website and the listings.

Relevant search media will set it up for you and will make sure that the correct schema is embed in the coding of the website. If the website’s schema is proper and the Local business listings are done properly, then it becomes easy for the search engines to place and rank the website.

Local SEO Services Technical Audit

We do in-depth on-page optimization to make sure the website’s is technically strong and is ready to rank on the top.

Website Speed optimization.

Robots.txt Files updateion.

Fixing Broken Links.

Updating Sitemap.xml.

Removing useless codes and          errors from the website.

Data Structure improvement.

URL Structure improvement.

Browser optimization.

Webmaster setup

Analytics Setup

Google My Business Listings

Your business should not miss any chance to show up on the Google maps and that what our target is asl well, we have sure that you best the most from this.

Working on the Local Business SEO is as important working on the SEO. Your business has more chance to get business through Local business Listings because on Local Business Listings the customers see the reviews, ratings, feedbacks, etc.

Reaping Results Thorough Google Maps

These days, everyone is looking foot target Google Maps for marketing, or we can se Google Maps Marketing. Customers prefer clicking on the top results rather than scrolling through the pages. Google Local listing is on the top of the search page.

When customers search the result within the map, it gets easier for them to take the decision, as they can see more information about the company and know more. Customers always seek for business near to them.

Optimization on Google My Business

Once we register your business on Google My Business Listings, we will put in all the information that is necessary for the promotion. Google my business listings is very important to drive the maximum traffic to your website and increase your enquiries.

If you are a brick-and-mortar local business, then local listing is very important for you. The data shows that more than 90% of the searches that takes place on local listings are for the products and services locally. So, eventually coming to the point, having local business SEO is important.

Relevant search Media provides you local SEO services to make sure that the website is ranked and well optimized, Our local seo services brings in more business and traffic to the website and increase your revenue.

Taking Advantage of Google Business Reviews

Its very essential for a company to be placed on the top of the Google Business listings. Local SEO services makes it happen.

You can share your review link with your customers, so they can post a review on the Google Listings. It is very important to get weekly reviews on the business listings so that the posts and reviews are constantly updated.

Local Business Citations

Local Business Citations helps search engine to verify your business and place your business according to the relevance. Relevance Search Media does the needful and makes sure the information which why we put in is correct and the business gets listed accordingly.

  • Accurate

Our local SEO services ensure that all of your citations and business’s information is correct so that search engines can pinpoint your location and service areas. If anything is inaccurate, it can impact your business significantly

  • Consistent

Updating the information everyday is also very important. You should get more reviews and keep updating images and necessary updates.

  • Locality

If you have a business in Philadelphia, you don’t want your business to be showing up on New York business listings. So, it’s very important that the address is relevant and correct.

  • Current

Your Local SEO citations are very important and should be updated as well. This includes updating information like, covid-19 precautions, hours, holidays, working days, etc.

  • Review

Relevant search Media has proven themselves to be the best and most cost-effective company that I have come across till yet. Their deliverables are as promised, and communications is very good. I would highly recommend others to start working with them. My emails and enquiries have increased, as well the website is ranking good organically.

On-Page is most crucial

No matter how good the engine is, aesthetics matter as well, so the website must aesthetically look good. On-page optimization plays the most important role when working on the Local Business SEO. Relevant Search Media makes sure that. On page doesn’t only mean about the aesthetics only, but also the structure of the website and other things as well.

Comprehensive, Relevant Content

With Premium Content Writing a visitor develops strong, positive, and emotional bond with certain website and is nearly 8 times more likely to become a customer of that website. Do you know why? It’s just because of trust

For example if you are in plumbing industry, you should first know the common problems that your customers fail and the content on the website should be about addressing them. Your website should be more appealing and content should be relevant.

When it comes to content, Google takes it very seriously, Google ranks your website on behalf of your content, this doesn’t mean you have to give away the important information about your business, but instead providing relevant information about the agenda, services, and the products. So, content is the king.


Optimizing the Structure and code

Website structure and coding is also included in the On-Page optimization, when the website is coded, in that the meta tags and other relevant information about the website and services are put in, that information is red by Google and your website is ranked according on the search Engine.

On-Page plays a very important role when it comes to success of website rankings. If your website structure and code is not good, Google will never consider your website relevant. In order to make sure that your website is ranked and your get the traffic, the content should have the keywords and the density should be properly balanced.


Relevant search media has exceeded our expectations in delivery as well response time, never experienced such a company whose responsive time is so good, and they are up to their commitment as well. I understand this is a startup, but honestly, they blew my mind, my ranking on page 1, my traffic has increased, and the fun part is, I am not doing social media, I am getting only local SEO services and I am very happy.
John Doe


We create personalized Google Maps listing that helps customers to find your business within your local area.

Your Google Map listing will contain a strong effective short description regarding you business, your business hours, contact information, postal address and all that which is link to your website.

As search engine optimization has become crucial for your website, so it is very important to improve your website ranking so that your business could grow more and more. We have full knowledge and experience which is necessary for your business to reach ultimate height and increase your visibility in top pages of Google and other search engines. You need not have to worry as we also have experience working with top business industries.

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